Multi-lingual tour guiding

Are you in need of a guide in Okinawa? Then you have come to the right place! Remar Pro provide guides for almost any situation in a wide range of languages.

Tourist Guide

Are you coming to visit Okinawa and you don’t want to miss out on Okinawa’s most unique cultural spots but you don’t know what where and when? Well, a tourist guide could really help in this situation. We provide multi-lingual tourist guides for everything from one person to a smaller battalion.

Company Trips

Planning a company trip can be more complicated. Than some might think, so let us help you on the way. We can give you helpful information on where to go and how to get there. Do you need a driver? No problem, we have professional drivers for most vehicles (including smaller submarines). So if you are going to move around a lot a guide and a driver might be a good option for you!

For The Quick Trip

You don’t have time for mistakes and getting lost in the Yanbaru forests? Show us your schedule and we can prepare a guide matching your requests. Nothing is worse than a plan failing and you don’t have time to fix it.

Information about Remar Pro

We are located on the beautiful tropical island of Okinawa in Japan. We do a little bit of everything but our main focus is on web services and human communication, including interpretation, translation, guiding, web design, web systems virtual offices and company support.

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Are you having a photoshoot and can’t communicate with the model? Are you suing someone for something without being able to talk to the person? Can’t you understand your landlord? If you are in need of an interpreter, contact Remar Pro!


Remar Pro translates between 16 languages and our strongest point is output in Japanese. We translate everything from casual flyers to legal papers.